Gateway Parts has a wide selection of parts from major manufacturers.

Purchasing full used machinery, stripped down to individual parts.

Gateway sources the majority of its stock by purchasing full used machinery, and these machines are then dismantled to be sold as individual parts.

Most parts are available as used items, making this a very cost effective alternative to OEM suppliers. Component history is available on request to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

We pride ourself on our flexibility.

All parts are available for a pre-purchase inspection and we can offer a customised level of repair if required, from a simple reseal to a full dyno test, to ensure a component is fit for the purpose intended.

All stock is purchased, dismantled and rebuilt by Gateway in our company-owned premises and workshops. This ensures that the highest standard of quality control is met, as all parts are fully inspected internally to ensure serviceable condition prior to all sales and dispatch.

Tailored solutions for any customer scenario.

Gateway specialises in working with its customers to tailor solutions for any scenario – regardless of the budget or time constraints.

In the event that we do not stock an item but the parts are not stocked by OEM suppliers, we are happy to customise a solution. This has come in the form of purchasing a machine to strip for core parts or sourcing a component to rebuild. Another example is we are able to add stock to our service exchange where viable to help support your fleet’s requirements.

Scroll through the below models to see an overview of the machines we have that have been dismantled.

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  • Caterpillar 773E
  • Caterpillar 777B
  • Caterpillar 777D
  • Caterpillar 777F
  • Caterpillar 785C
  • Caterpillar 789C
  • Caterpillar 988H
  • Caterpillar 992G
  • Caterpillar D9R


  • Hitachi EX1200-5
  • Hitachi EX1200-6
  • Hitachi EX1800-3
  • Hitachi EX1900-5
  • Hitachi EX1900-6
  • Hitachi EX2600-6
  • Hitachi EX3600-6


  • Komatsu PC1250-7
  • Komatsu PC1250-8
  • Komatsu PC2000-8
  • Komatsu HD785-5
  • Komatsu HD785-7
  • Komatsu WA470-6H
  • Komatsu WA500-3
  • Komatsu WA600-3
  • Komatsu WA600-6