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Hardchrome Plating


Chrome Plating – Reduce Friction and Increase Component Life

We have two Chrome Plating tanks varying in length and depth. Our plating solution chemistry is monitored constantly for maximum efficiency.

Improve the Life of High Wear Components

We can improve the efficiency and increase the life of the plated parts such as shafts, pins and other high wear components. This will also help in the prevention of coefficient friction and provide corrosion resistance.

Chrome Plating Capabilities

  • Up to 600mm diameter and a maximum length of 4200mm

External and Internal Grinding

We can grind a range of components including hydraulic cylinder rods, hardened shafts and pins and precision machined items.

  • External grinding up to 600mm in diameter x 3700mm maximum length
  • Internal grinding of pieces up to 200mm diameter and bore depth of 150mm

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